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Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen is the leading, most innovative organic baby food brand in the UK, Scandinavia and the US. Developed by UK Entrepreneur of the Year Paul Lindley, Ella’s Kitchen was also the world’s first baby food brand to develop “squeeze pouch” packaging. It was launched in Australia in March 2012. 

In the pursuit of creating healthy and fun meals for his own daughter, Ella, Paul recognised a wider need among parents to instill lifelong healthy eating habits in their children. Recognising that babies and toddlers who experience foods through site, smell and touch are more apt to try new flavours, Paul created Ella’s Kitchen with a vision to assist babies and toddlers to eat and enjoy healthier foods.

The Ideas Suite was enlisted to help launch the brand in Australia.

The Ideas Suite developed a targeted media relations strategy that sought to seed and secure feature news and editorial coverage in consumer media on the launch of Ella’s Kitchen, as well as gain awareness and interest among parenting media and mummy bloggers via promotionally activity. To effectively launch Ella’s Kitchen in Australia, The Ideas Suite’s strategy combined a pre-launch media release, media-kit creation, bespoke blogger pitching, strategically themed press releases and promotions in high selling magazines.  The launch campaign saw Ella’s Kitchen gain strong and positive traction in the media and online space, with recognition as a reputable global brand filling a gap in the Australian and international market within its category.

The Ideas Suite has secured strong media stories in print and online media. With the campaign still active, many stories are yet to be published.


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