Our Services


Media coverage. We are specialists in securing coverage on TV news, morning TV, major newspapers, major news sites, radio and blogs.

Media training. We media train our clients and their customers to maximise key messages in interviews. We cover every point, from the length of answers to answering contentious questions with ease.

Copywriting. We develop copy for websites, brochures, intranet sites, magazines, annual reports, newsletters and product packaging. We write speeches and presentations.

Social media. We help build trust between your brand and your audience through social media sites, blogs, forums, videos and podcasts.

Community consultation. We help brands engage, and develop rapport with, the community to create or raise their profile.

Events. We can support PR programs with product launches, media events, customer-stakeholder events, stakeholder forums, and more.

Sponsorship. We run sponsorship strategies that maximise your ROI and minimise your outlay. We negotiate spend and brand exposure on your behalf.

Promotions. We can increase brand loyalty by designing PR campaigns that include promotional events, product sampling and giveaways.

Direct marketing. We can help grow databases, and design and implement email campaigns.

Corporate communications. Our specialist PR consultants develop employee communication strategies, and write annual reports, intranet copy and brochures.

Stakeholder consultation. When there are important changes that affect stakeholders, we develop communications that strengthen our clients’ relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

Issues and crisis communication. We offer crisis communications within all of our PR programs. We help maintain the credibility and reputation of organisations in the case of an ongoing issue or a crisis.