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Benefits of PR for Brands

benefits of influencers
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Benefits of influencers for your brand

By Macrina Lim The market of brand influencers has exploded and become so saturated in recent years that it’s important to sift through and differentiate between influencers who can benefit your brand and those who won’t help your brand in any way. There is an interesting relationship between influencers and their followers, unlike anything we’ve seen before. They’ve developed strong relationships with their audience and built up a level of…

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PR and storytelling: Using a story to build your brand

By Sarah Laing There are few things more compelling than a well-told story. Regardless of whether it is a favourite movie, riveting novel, thoughtfully-crafted Facebook post or stunning theatre production, a good story has the power to remove your sense of time and momentarily sweep you into another world. For companies, having an evocative and compelling brand story and, vitally, communicating this effectively to key audiences and customers, is an…

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Top 3 ways to secure great news coverage

By Neneh McGuire Getting exposure in the media is a great way to lift your brand and build your company’s reputation. News stories and media placements in major news publications, TV and radio can position a business as an expert or thought-leader in its industry, promoting the company and enhancing its public reputation. One of the major PR challenges is being able to secure these targeted media placements, which comes…

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Media angles that raise positive brand awareness and leads

A good public relations team will work closely with a brand or organisation to ensure its objectives are met every step of the way. Two of the most common reasons brands use PR is to help raise brand awareness and, ultimately, drive leads. When it comes to media coverage, certain will meet those aims, while other stories may indirectly damage a brand in the long term. This is why it’s…

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