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How PR and SEO harmonise with one another

PR (public relations) and SEO (search engine optimisation) at one time could be considered completely alien to one another in terms of their specific goals and strategies. Now, in today’s digital landscape, the lines between digital PR and SEO begin to blur, with practitioners looking to leverage the best elements of both disciplines in order to achieve success. Businesses that have engaged the services of an SEO agency are increasingly…

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A day in the life: The intern edition

By Marissa Coury Interning is by no means making and fetching coffees like the movies might suggest! Interning gives you the opportunity to gain experience on the tasks that a junior PR practitioner would do. Every agency will have different internship programs, but all have the same goal and purpose: to help prepare you for PR success (a PR consulting career). So what does a typical day look like for…

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How PR can meet your SEO goals
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How PR can meet your SEO goals

By Alannah Green The shifting media landscape means we’re looking at screens more and pages less. These days, major brands are more worried about SEO and online branding and reputation than they are about column inches, and that means the role of the PR agency is changing. Everyone’s goal is to sit on the first page of Google paired with the right message. As a result, outlets are investing a…

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Highly targeted media list or broad list?

A comprehensive, targeted and up-to-date media list is the foundation for any PR campaign that focuses on media coverage. A media list doesn’t begin with the media contacts – you must firstly have a good understanding of who your campaign is targeting. Define your audience by its demographic and geographic: high-net worth individuals Australia-wide? Urban working women in capital cities? Average-income mums and dads in regional areas? Job-seekers in Sydney…

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Could contributor pieces help meet your PR goals?

Bylined articles (or, even better, a regular column) in well-known target media sites are an attractive PR tactic for many businesspeople, and for good reason: Bylined articles help grow your personal brand It assists in growing awareness of your business and services It helps position you as an ‘expert’ on the topics you write about Linked back to your website, they can increase the Google ranking of your site They…

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