Our Difference



Established in 2007, The Ideas Suite is a boutique PR agency in Sydney’s east, headed by former journalist and editor Julia Nekich. Julia’s passion for, and understanding of, business has helped The Ideas Suite translate business problems into specific public relations briefs and strategies which help to solve those problems.

We seek an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses early on, and are driven to improve their reputation, awareness of their brand benefits, relationships with stakeholders and, ultimately, their bottom line.

We offer a very structured PR methodology that we have tested and refined over 10 years, and which our clients have come to rely on. This includes tailored asset briefs, research development, a unique process for media story development, detailed PR plans, media pitching strategies, daily reporting, multiple media and social media monitoring points, and ideas generation.

The Ideas Suite has delivered strong PR results for digital disruptor brands, global internet giants, finance, property and real estate brands, health & wellness providers, FMCG brands and travel brands.

We prefer to work with a small portfolio of clients and only take on projects when we know we will achieve outstanding results.



  • EXPERIENCE ACROSS MULTIPLE SECTORS: We work across many different industries, enabling us to think laterally and leverage workable ideas generated from one sector into another.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS: We achieve results from month one. We normally require only 7-10 days to set up and plan a program – and will secure results quickly even when extended planning is required.
  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: We’re highly motivated, energetic and enthusiastic about our PR campaigns – and we love to kick goals! Our principal, Julia, is particularly passionate about business and loves to see PR help achieve business goals.
  • EXTENSIVE MEDIA CONTACTS: We have strong relationships across most media categories – including the growing social and online media channels.
  • DIGITAL PR FOCUS: In an environment where digital channels continue to grow, we’ve honed successful strategies to secure digital syndications for results and brand hyperlinks on the most highly visited sites.
  • QUICK THINKERS, FAST SERVICE: When you need to announce news quickly or change tack on strategy, we pride ourselves on adapting immediately and getting results fast.
  • REALISTIC ABOUT OUTCOMES: We only take on PR projects when we know we can achieve results – and we never promise what we can’t deliver. We agree on our evaluation tools with you and are realistic about results.
  • STRUCTURED REPORTING: Our inhouse systems ensure every task is planned, documented, maximised and aligned with your overall strategy. We inform you regularly about our activities and results.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Our PR programs are straightforward and effective, resonate with audiences and are affordable. We agree on fees upfront with you, and obtain your approval before carrying out any additional services.




Since founding The Ideas Suite in 2007, Julia has built a strong portfolio of consumer and corporate brands. She is passionate about all things business, and ensures each PR program is tailored to her clients’ overall business objectives. Julia has 20 years’ experience in advertising, PR, journalism and publishing. She has worked in the creative department at one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and has worked as a journalist for Sydney Morning Herald Domain, Sunday Telegraph, and high-end magazines such as Vogue Living and Belle. She has gained degrees from Sydney University and Notre Dame University.