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Why your PR agency should be your social agency
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Why your PR agency should be your social agency

By Alannah Green We live in the Golden Age of Digital – but it’s an assessment that does not go far enough. The truth is, we live in the Golden Age of Content. It’s a competitive marketplace because content is everywhere we turn, and a brand’s role is to forge a strong path through the clutter that will carry a consumer all the way into its open arms. The problem…

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Why include thought leadership in your PR program?

By Alannah Green Media relations is one of the larger pieces of the public relations pie because it gets a brand into communication channels with high-volume audiences, and it is often more powerful for a third-party (journalist) to write about a brand favourably than for a brand to talk about itself in advertising. A strong media relations program might comprise company announcements and the findings from a brand’s own research.…

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A day in the life: The intern edition

By Marissa Coury Interning is by no means making and fetching coffees like the movies might suggest! Interning gives you the opportunity to gain experience on the tasks that a junior PR practitioner would do. Every agency will have different internship programs, but all have the same goal and purpose: to help prepare you for PR success (a PR consulting career). So what does a typical day look like for…

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How PR can meet your SEO goals
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How PR can meet your SEO goals

By Alannah Green The shifting media landscape means we’re looking at screens more and pages less. These days, major brands are more worried about SEO and online branding and reputation than they are about column inches, and that means the role of the PR agency is changing. Everyone’s goal is to sit on the first page of Google paired with the right message. As a result, outlets are investing a…

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benefits of influencers
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Benefits of influencers for your brand

By Macrina Lim The market of brand influencers has exploded and become so saturated in recent years that it’s important to sift through and differentiate between influencers who can benefit your brand and those who won’t help your brand in any way. There is an interesting relationship between influencers and their followers, unlike anything we’ve seen before. They’ve developed strong relationships with their audience and built up a level of…

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build your brand
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PR and storytelling: Using a story to build your brand

By Sarah Laing There are few things more compelling than a well-told story. Regardless of whether it is a favourite movie, riveting novel, thoughtfully-crafted Facebook post or stunning theatre production, a good story has the power to remove your sense of time and momentarily sweep you into another world. For companies, having an evocative and compelling brand story and, vitally, communicating this effectively to key audiences and customers, is an…

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PR News
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Top 3 ways to secure great news coverage

By Neneh McGuire Getting exposure in the media is a great way to lift your brand and build your company’s reputation. News stories and media placements in major news publications, TV and radio can position a business as an expert or thought-leader in its industry, promoting the company and enhancing its public reputation. One of the major PR challenges is being able to secure these targeted media placements, which comes…

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AG_The Ideas Suite rebrands
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The Ideas Suite rebrands

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, and have undergone a brand refresh of our logo, a new website and new internal marketing collateral. Our logo has been completely overhauled to look more modern and a gold accent has been used to convey excellence and the premium service you receive from our team. Video backgrounds on homepages are a design trend for websites, with major brands such as Lexus,…

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The Ideas Suite Launches Social Media
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The Ideas Suite launches social media

We quietly launched The Ideas Suite’s social media arm in mid-2016 with our Senior Account Manager, Alannah Green, appointed as the agency’s Social Media Manager. Prior to The Ideas Suite, Alannah managed the social media accounts for Cartoon Network Australia, New Zealand and Asia; Warner TV Asia; Oh!K TV Asia and Toonami Asia, where she grew likes organically by more than 650% across these pages in less than six months.…

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stand out
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Highly targeted media list or broad list?

A comprehensive, targeted and up-to-date media list is the foundation for any PR campaign that focuses on media coverage. A media list doesn’t begin with the media contacts – you must firstly have a good understanding of who your campaign is targeting. Define your audience by its demographic and geographic: high-net worth individuals Australia-wide? Urban working women in capital cities? Average-income mums and dads in regional areas? Job-seekers in Sydney…

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