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Why a PR internship is essential before graduating a comms degree

By Gillian Morgan, Account Executive at The Ideas Suite Let’s be real. If you’re studying a communications degree, you would probably already have an idea of the competitiveness of securing a job after graduation. Many universities provide the opportunity for students to take part in an internship alongside uni, whereas some will encourage you to seek experience on your own. You might be thinking: Surely, I can get a job…

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How PR and SEO harmonise with one another

PR (public relations) and SEO (search engine optimisation) at one time could be considered completely alien to one another in terms of their specific goals and strategies. Now, in today’s digital landscape, the lines between digital PR and SEO begin to blur, with practitioners looking to leverage the best elements of both disciplines in order to achieve success. Businesses that have engaged the services of an SEO agency are increasingly…

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Five types of stories that give you the best return on investment

By Neneh McGuire As a public relations agency, we’ve been working hard for more than a decade to deliver media coverage programs for our clients. During this time, our public relations programs have helped secure media coverage across every channel – from TV to radio, trade publications and major newspapers. Along the way, we’ve received feedback from our clients about the best types of coverage that gets them traffic and leads.…

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Inhouse or agency? What to consider when you’re applying for a job in PR

For those seeking to work in public relations, not only are there varying roles within the industry, but there is the option to work ‘agency side’ or ‘client side’. The PR industry in Sydney is filled with long-term ‘agency people’, those that have always worked in-house, and some who have tested both sides of the fence to see where the grass is greener. Therefore, there is a long-running debate in…

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How to choose the right PR agency for you

By Shannon Peakman PR covers a broad range of communication skills and channels. As such, PR agencies have different specialties – from press office to crisis communications, from activations to social media. Understanding the type of Public relations your brand largely needs, and the market in which you operate, is the first step to ensuring you choose the right PR agency. If you are looking to grow brand awareness and…

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How to get the most from your PR agency

By Macrina Lim You might be meeting with public relations agencies to source the one that’s right for your brand. It’s at this time – not after you’ve hired an agency – that you should understand how you can get the most out of them. While it’s important to look at the range of PR services that your prospective agencies offer, it’s easy to overlook equally important factors such as…

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How much media coverage should you expect from your PR budget?

By Neneh McGuire Most brands want their message to appear everywhere in the media when they commission a PR agency. The key to regular media coverage across a broad range of outlets is a targeted strategy that can translate into a schedule of newsworthy media angles. If you are after news media coverage – TV, newspapers, major online sites and radio – your public relations agency will first have to…

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Why your PR agency should be your social agency
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Why your PR agency should be your social agency

By Alannah Green We live in the Golden Age of Digital – but it’s an assessment that does not go far enough. The truth is, we live in the Golden Age of Content. It’s a competitive marketplace because content is everywhere we turn, and a brand’s role is to forge a strong path through the clutter that will carry a consumer all the way into its open arms. The problem…

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Why include thought leadership in your PR program?

By Alannah Green Media relations is one of the larger pieces of the public relations pie because it gets a brand into communication channels with high-volume audiences, and it is often more powerful for a third-party (journalist) to write about a brand favourably than for a brand to talk about itself in advertising. A strong media relations program might comprise company announcements and the findings from a brand’s own research.…

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A day in the life: The intern edition

By Marissa Coury Interning is by no means making and fetching coffees like the movies might suggest! Interning gives you the opportunity to gain experience on the tasks that a junior PR practitioner would do. Every agency will have different internship programs, but all have the same goal and purpose: to help prepare you for PR success (a PR consulting career). So what does a typical day look like for…

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