I’m sure we can all agree that no matter what industry, the overarching goal of any business is increased profitability. One of the key factors to increased profitability and driving success is customer satisfaction. If customers are unhappy with the product or service they are receiving, a business will likely fail.

So how do we achieve optimum customer satisfaction?

While there are many elements to customer satisfaction, one of the most important elements to gaining and retaining customers is trust. An effective public relations strategy can help any business build trust through third-party promotion or publicity. If a customer sees a product or service endorsed by another company, by another person, online, on display or through the media, they will develop confidence in the brand and be convinced to make a purchase.

One of the easiest and most successful ways to implement an effective public relations strategy is by hiring a public relations agency such as The Ideas Suite. Here at The Ideas Suite, we seek to improve brand reputation, brand awareness and relationships with key business stakeholders. Businesses can be assured they have a structured public relations plan which includes media pitching strategies, daily reporting, multiple media and social media monitoring points and help with generating marketing and content ideas.

In an increasingly digitalised world, customers expect timely updates, information and news about a brand’s offerings. Hiring a public relations agency relieves the pressure for business owners and ensures the work is left to the professionals. A public relations agency provides expertise and the right resources to drive success and achieve the bottom line. One of the key benefits of hiring a public relations agency is having access to a wide range of up-to-date media contacts, something which brands themselves simply won’t have. Channeling a business’s message to the correct media outlets is crucial in reaching the right markets and demographics. Furthermore, understanding how to write a story and pitch to the media is a critical skill which a public relations agency offers. If the media feel they are simply being sold a product or service, they will not publish the story. The story needs to be newsworthy, while still promoting the brand.

In an ideal world, a business would run smoothly without any issues or hiccups along the way. The reality, however, is often far from that. The pandemic has shown that no matter how prepared a business is, unexpected issues can arise. During times of crisis, having a public relations agency on hand ready to react and respond to a crisis ensures a business is prepared for any events that could threaten the organisation’s reputation, including the relationships with its stakeholders. A public relations agency can help craft communications that assuage all impacted stakeholders and ensure the message is received clearly and accurately. This can also help avoid any unnecessary or negative media attention, such as false or misleading information. Often crises can occur online, particularly on platforms such as social media. This is due to the nature of citizen journalism and the unregulated and uncontrolled nature of the platforms. PR agencies can monitor these channels regularly by setting up media monitoring tools to quickly pick up on any irregularities or issues occurring across a business’s online activity.