As a public relations agency, we’ve been working hard for more than a decade to deliver media coverage programs for our clients. During this time, our public relations programs have helped secure media coverage across every channel – from TV to radio, trade publications and major newspapers. Along the way, we’ve received feedback from our clients about the best types of coverage that gets them traffic and leads. So, we know a few tips and tricks to help drive traffic to your brand.

Here is our list of the top five types of stories that generate a great return on investment:

1. Customer case studies

Case study stories are powerful lead generators in the media for brands. They provide a ‘human element’ to the story, and show the public that there are real people using a brand, getting real results. They also provide a photo opportunity, or someone to interview on TV, which gets larger editorial space and more airtime.

One of our clients’ websites crashed when we secured a case study story about one of their customers in The Daily Telegraph. The client was a mortgage brand and their customer was able to save $30,000 over the life of their loan after they switched over to our client’s services. The story directed so much traffic to the client’s website, that by midday after the story was published, the client’s website had crashed. Over the years, case study stories have proved to be the single most effective media story for return on investment results.

2. Major radio interviews

Radio is becoming more popular, with more people tuning into commercial radio in 2017 than ever before, according to GfK radio ratings. Radio interviews and recordings for news bulletins are a great way to spruik your brand and get your call to action across the airways. We often secure interviews for our clients on AM and FM radio across the country, and we train them on how to seamlessly get their brand message across. Community radio has also been known to work for clients that have a local focus.

3. Evening current affairs programs

Current affairs programs such as ‘Today Tonight’ and ‘A Current Affair’ have solid audiences and can offer great opportunities for businesses. These shows don’t just chase after the bad guys, they can broadcast positive stories about ways to save money or a new service that is helping consumers solve a problem. These stories are known to drive incredible traffic to brand websites.

4. Localised media placements

If your business services a hyper-local area, community radio and local newspaper placements are a great way to target your audience and drive traffic back to your brand. After we locked in a community radio slot for one of our clients, a naturopath, she booked in five to seven new appointments each time she had a radio interview.

5. Funding announcements

Announcing new company funding is a great way to get a brand in front of further potential investors. Whether our clients are after seed funding, growth or grants, stories that announce how much they’ve raised or are hoping to achieve attract more potential investors. By targeting publications such as Australian Financial Review, we deliver articles that get businesses in front of the right investors.

The Ideas Suite can help you develop a public relations strategy that incorporates these types of stories, to drive more traffic to your brand. We also help businesses get website hyperlinks included in online articles.


To find out more about how to get these types of stories into your own PR program, call us on (02) 9279 3330.