There are few things more compelling than a well-told story. Regardless of whether it is a favourite movie, riveting novel, thoughtfully-crafted Facebook post or stunning theatre production, a good story has the power to remove your sense of time and momentarily sweep you into another world.

For companies, having an evocative and compelling brand story and, vitally, communicating this effectively to key audiences and customers, is an invaluable asset. The narrative of your company’s values, beliefs and mission can provide a stronger connection to your customers, and help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What makes a good brand story? There are several elements central to every thrilling narrative that can be incorporated into your brand communications. Every compelling story has a hero, and your brand’s could be a CEO, founder, ambassador or groundbreaking product. Another element central to all good stories is a narrative structure, comprising a beginning, conflict and resolution. Your brand story should speak to your company’s founding, history, objectives and core values, as well as its unique journey to pioneer a product or service that provides the solution to a need or problem. Finally, in today’s advertising landscape, where customers are relentlessly bombarded with brand messages online and offline, consistency, and having a seamless message that translates coherently across channels, is a game changer. Your social media pages, website, shop-front and media outreach are all chapters in a brand story read by customers.

PR can be an invaluable tool in helping you tell a consistent and intriguing brand story, providing multiple benefits for your company’s relationship with customers, employees and other stakeholders. A tailored PR strategy can help bring your brand story to life through a variety of tactics and communication channels. From drafting a media release detailing a company announcement or the launch of a new product, to securing speaking engagements or event sponsorship, PR can ensure you get the right message in front of your target audience.

In addition, PR can also strengthen your existing marketing arms, and, unlike traditional advertising avenues, has the added benefit of providing credibility to your brand message, delivering it through news content and channels that customers already trust.