ALI Group - Theideassuite

ALI Group is the leading provider of loan and mortgage protection to Australian property buyers. ALI Group has protected more than 160,000 Australians against death and terminal illness, serious medical conditions and involuntary unemployment – with almost $42 billion provided in cover and almost $65 million paid out in claims.

The Ideas Suite was briefed to run a 4-month campaign to raise awareness of mortgage holder vulnerability in relation to potential redundancy and serious illness, which could negatively impact the ability to continue mortgage repayments. We developed a public awareness campaign, based on an independent survey of mortgage holders, highlighting these issues and how ALI Group’s key product offerings provided protection from financial hardship.

In a four-month campaign period, The Ideas Suite secured 190 media placements, including Sky News Real Estate,, The Daily Telegraph, Domain, ABC Tropical North, Mortgage Business and the Real Estate Conversation. The media coverage reached a (repeat) audience of more than 136 million and an equivalent advertising value of $2.7 million.