The shifting media landscape means we’re looking at screens more and pages less. These days, major brands are more worried about SEO and online branding and reputation than they are about column inches, and that means the role of the PR agency is changing.

Everyone’s goal is to sit on the first page of Google paired with the right message. As a result, outlets are investing a lot more into their own SEO, which has a direct result on the placement of your brand search results.

Of all the PR tips out there, this one is paramount: A proactive, ‘always on’ press office program can give you an online presence beyond your website and social media on multiple high-traffic websites. We’re talking about the sites with monthly unique traffic in the millions that populate the first few pages of Google under your brand’s search name. These sites are considered authoritative because they have a large audience.

We are experts in securing coverage for our clients on the top news sites in Australia. We’ve seen first-hand how one story with the right messages can draw hundreds of customers to our clients’ websites. Knowing how important it is to understand the key focus areas of our clients, we work closely with them to develop a strategic PR campaign or plan based on their overall business goals.

First and foremost, the role of a PR consultant is to sell in news. If your goal is to promote a new product or service within your business, let your PR team craft the best possible story with a strong news hook and let them consult with your SEO team on what’s needed to help drive traffic. The best PR campaigns have the potential to drive traffic to dedicated pages on your website so why wouldn’t you utilise it to do so?

At the end of the day, when it comes to SEO and PR success, Google is smarter than most of us and prioritises good marketing like media coverage. No PR agency or consultant can guarantee you improved SEO off the back of PR efforts, but it can work effectively in tandem with your SEO strategy to ensure you have the best web presence to attract leads.