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MEDIA RELEASE | 11 June 2024

No price too high: the two biggest reasons that will keep Aussies heading overseas, despite high airfares

New research has revealed the trips that Aussies won’t cancel despite sky-high airfares, with three-quarters (74%) saying they would still attend the wedding of a family or friend and four in five (80%) a family funeral. Nine in ten (92%) would compromise on the timing or convenience of their flights to nab a cheaper fare.

The findings were derived from a survey of an independent panel of 1006 Australians[1] commissioned by award-winning travel insurance provider Insure&Go to glean the impact of high international airfares. The survey asked respondents which overseas trips they would postpone until airfares came down to pre-pandemic levels, listing occasions and events such as family and friends’ weddings, funerals, summer holidays in Europe, beach Christmas trips, and winter ski holidays.

While global fares are predicted to drop this year amid increased airport traffic and the reopening of the Chinese market[2], international airfares remain higher. Despite the hikes, the survey shows Australians are still happy to foot the bill for some international travel.

Top reasons Aussies won’t cancel their travel

 It’s not just family weddings and funerals that the majority of Aussies would fly to while fares are still high. The survey reveals people value a friend’s wedding almost as much as that of a family member, with a whopping 70 per cent saying they would take an international flight to watch their mates say: ‘I do’.

When it comes to celebrating major calendar events with overseas family such as Christmas, two-thirds say they will still make the yearly visit to family, travel for major family calendar events and take an overseas winter ski trip (at 64%, 66% and 65% respectively).

Aussies are a bit happier to soak up our own summer sun, the survey shows, with a slightly lower 61 per cent saying they’d still take that overseas Christmas holiday and 62 per cent saying the same for a summer holiday in Europe.

Across age groups, under-30s adults are least likely to cancel a trip amid high international fares – indicating travel is a major priority for Gen-Z. An incredible 83 per cent of this cohort say they wouldn’t miss an overseas funeral, compared with just over three-quarters (77%) of Aussies aged between 31 and 50. In fact, Millennials and Gen-X are among the most likely to ditch a trip for the sake of their hip pocket as a potential result of higher living cost.

Insure&Go Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Etkind says children and mortgages have always had a profound impact on traveller demographics – with Australians juggling families and interest rate hikes most likely to eschew a costly trip right now.

“We’re also seeing most households record higher mortgage jumps than interest rate hikes indicate[3]. This means that respondents aged 31-50 are among the most impacted by the soaring cost of living and therefore the most likely to avoid international trips when the purse strings need to be tightened. This is an interesting shift from a few years ago when Millennials were among the strongest traveller cohort[4].”

According to the Insure&Go report, 31–50-year-olds are the happiest age group to forgo a Christmas overseas holiday to Bali or Fiji, with just six out of ten (58%) saying they’d still go despite high airfares.

Just over half (59%) of respondents aged 31-50 also say they’d still take a European summer holiday and 57 per cent say they’d still go overseas for an annual family visit. In comparison, 69 per cent of over-50s say they’d still go overseas for an annual family visit.

Only 27 per cent of respondents aged 18-30 say they’d avoid overseas winter ski trips in the face of increased fares, compared with 37 per cent of respondents aged over 31.

The top tactics Aussies will use to nab low airfares

The survey further asked respondents whether they would compromise on any aspect of their trips or flights to save on travel costs. A whopping 92 per cent of respondents would.

More than half (57%) would travel outside of school holidays. Half (49%) would choose a low season or an inconvenient departure time (such as 6am). Just less than half (48%) would book 6-12 months in advance to nab an affordable airfare.

Despite embracing these budget-friendly tactics, comfort is still key, with a whopping 74 per cent not willing to book a multi-stopover flight to nab an affordable fare, and only 13 per cent willing to stay in hostels, cheap stays or accommodation far from tourist hotspots to curb costs. Just 41 per cent would opt for a low-cost carrier.

Less than one in ten (8%) of all travellers say they wouldn’t make any compromises at all.

Under-30s travellers are the least likely cohort to book in advance to save money, with just 38 per cent saying they would do so, compared with 53 per cent of over-50s. However, both under-30s and over-50s are most likely to travel off-season (at 50%) and Boomers are the demographic happiest to travel outside of school holidays or at an inconvenient departure time, at 64 and 57 per cent respectively.

Jonathan adds: “These figures really speak to the purchasing power and lifestyle constraints of certain Aussies. Younger travellers might not be able to book far in advance because they simply don’t have the savings. While older Australians aren’t impacted by school holidays and can more easily opt for off-peak travel, younger Aussies are also far more likely to book a flight with multiple stopovers, which points to lower disposable income and perhaps an ability to sacrifice on comfort and time more than older Australians.”
Would you avoid travelling overseas for any of the following reasons until fares drop? (multiple choice) % all of respondents 18-30s 31-50s Over-50s
Overseas family wedding 26% 27% 28% 23%
Friend’s wedding overseas 30% 29% 32% 30%
Overseas family funeral 20% 17% 23% 20%
Celebrating major calendar events with overseas family (eg. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) 34% 33% 36% 33%
Yearly visit to family 36% 35% 43% 31%
Summer holiday in Europe 38% 37% 41% 37%
Overseas winter ski trips 35% 27% 37% 37%
Going overseas during Christmas holidays (e.g. Bali, Fiji) 39% 34% 42% 40%
I would still travel overseas despite the high costs 19% 22% 33% 19%


If you do decide to take these trips, what compromises would you be willing to make to afford the airfare? (multiple choice)       % all of respondents 18-30s 31-50s Over-50s
Fly in low season (such as, going to Europe Oct-March) 49% 50% 48% 50%
Travel outside of Australian school holidays 57% 44% 56% 64%
Taking flights with multiple stopovers 26% 33% 25% 23%
Taking the lowest cost carrier 41% 39% 43% 40%
Choose an inconvenient departure time (e.g. 6am or 10pm) 49% 43% 44% 57%
Choose long or overnight stopovers 16% 18% 14% 17%
Stay in hostels, very low-priced accommodation or cheaper areas far from tourist areas 13% 18% 13% 12%
Book 6-12 months in advance 48% 38% 48% 53%
I would not make any compromises to reduce my flight cost 8% 5% 7% 10%


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[1] Respondents had taken at least one travel holiday in 2023/24, including weekends away with paid accommodation, drive holidays, domestic flight holidays, cruises or overseas holidays.




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