The Power of PR - The Idea Suite

Good marketing strategies are today highly tailored to specific audience segments thanks to an increase in more diversified channels and highly effective digital tools. As the digital space has grown, PR has also evolved and can now more easily be incorporated into a strong digital marketing strategy.

However, the traditional benefits of PR remain, enabling brands to build credibility and reputation, and engage with their audiences in a more meaningful way.

1. Building Credibility and Trust

There is consensus among brands that trust among consumers is vital and needs to be earned and nurtured. The function of PR, when incorporated into a business’s marketing efforts, can showcase the expertise, achievements and positive impact of a brand. How? Media commentary by the brand’s leaders can help to position it as an industry authority, boosting the confidence of customers and potential partners.

2. Amplifying Brand Awareness

Businesses generally face an enormous (and expensive) endeavour when setting a goal to build brand visibility and awareness. However, this is where public relations is most effective. A PR campaign can announce ongoing news around a brand – such as a new product launch – through high-traffic media outlets, resulting in increased recognition and consideration among potential customers. Social influencer engagement – incentivising social media influencers to showcase a brand’s product – is another effective PR tactic for product-based brands.

3. Managing Reputation and Crisis Communication

At some stage, businesses may come face-to-face with challenges and adverse situations. PR is instrumental in safeguarding a brand’s reputation. PR agencies can work with businesses to develop a crisis communication plan to help mitigate potential damage to the image of the brand and protect the business’s long-term reputation.

4. Enhancing SEO and Online Presence

The digital presence of your business is so much more than a website. Online media coverage that includes brand mentions and brand backlinks can significantly improve the Google ranking of a brand’s website. Organically boosting a business’s visibility in search engines can contribute to long-term marketing success.

5. Fostering Meaningful Connections

PR enables businesses to tell their story and showcase a more ‘human’ side to their brand. In the media, brands can share their values, mission and their connection with their customers. A customer success story in the media – such as a home buyer who got a good home loan deal with a mortgage brand – can help generate more customer leads.

6. Cost effective

Public relations is one of the most affordable marketing avenues available. A media release can generate dozens of media stories about a brand, yet the cost to the brand is simply the public relations agency’s time to develop the release and pitch to media. Compare that cost with advertising where a brand needs to pay for every ad placed online, in print, on TV and radio, or outdoors. While paid advertising guarantees visibility, PR allows businesses to earn media coverage through compelling stories and pitching newsworthy content.